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As the NCI CGHub contract is coming to an end, services currently provided by CGHub at UC Santa Cruz will be taken offline on July 11th, 2016. Current CGHub users should submit download requests before July 1st, 2016 to prevent disruption of the data transmission process. Sequence data hosted at CGHub for NCI projects are now available at the NCI GDC site

The Cancer Genomics Hub (CGHub) is a secure repository for storing, cataloging, and accessing cancer genome sequences, alignments, and mutation information from the Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) consortium and related projects.


CGHub gives scientific researchers the statistical power of large cancer genome datasets to attack the molecular complexity of cancer. Please visit our summary statistics page for more information on what data is currently available on CGHub.


Download software necessary for accessing and transferring cancer genome sequences, alignments, and mutation information.

Key File

Once you have received authorization from the appropriate data access committee, you will be able to transfer approved data sets via the Gene Torrent command line program using the key file you obtain from the link above.


Documentation and support information.

Warning Notice

This is a U.S. Government information system, which may be accessed and used only for authorized Government business by authorized personnel. Unauthorized access or use of this system may subject violators to criminal, civil, and/or administrative action.

All information on this computer system may be intercepted, recorded, read, copied, and disclosed by and to authorized personnel for official purposes, including criminal investigations. Such information includes sensitive data encrypted to comply with confidentiality and privacy requirements. Access or use of this computer system by any person, whether authorized or unauthorized, constitutes consent to these terms. There is no right of privacy in this system.

Access to CGHub is governed by federal and state laws and regulations and by data use agreements executed by authorized users. Unauthorized access or use of CGHub may subject violators to criminal, civil, and/or administrative action. Access to the entire policy can be found on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) website. Futhermore, CGHub falls under TCGA policies and data use agreements governing access and/or use of CGHub.

Summary statistics for data stored at CGHub.

Funding for CGHub

CGHub has been funded in whole or in part with Federal funds from the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, under Contract No. HHSN261200800001E.

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